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AC Matière 120

The huge range of materials our workshop reflects both our creativity and the many projects we have worked on. All these finishes and materials originated out of a productive encounter with a client, an architect, a decorator or a designer. Our Paris showroom is overflowing with hundreds of samples, each of which is a key and a departure point for creating new decors that will then be completed directly on the walls, doors or ceilings.

Whether it’s a major project directed by a firm of architects or, or a home improvement job, the same degree of care is taken to achieve the highest quality of the finishes. It is in the details, not always visible at first sight, that luxury resides.

Particular care is taken with play of light, and colours are worked with subtlety. We never forget that the prime objective of our materials is to be decorative: our work must inspire positive emotions in the beholder. Our goal is to dress walls so as to create a unique, refined, pleasant and personal environment. And, when possible, infused with a hint of poetry!

Furniture and panel decoration


Because of the very nature of our work, we usually do our job at the final stages of the project, right in the midst of the hustle and bustle as the other trades get things completed… In some cases, like stores for instance, deadlines are extremely tight and working conditions tricky, so it’s wise to see what can be done in the workshop beforehand. This usually involves working on panels (MDF panels delivered in various states of assembly, taken over and installed by the fitters).

Some of our more classic work includes creating finishes on furniture (such as headboards, screens, mirrors, consoles), and we regularly work on doors, mobile partitions, shelving and window display modules.

Some of our material effects are exactly right for making beautiful decorative panels, which become like abstract paintings to grace the walls. Created on request on wooden frames, these panels are fully customisable (colours, motifs, formats).

The Caroline Perrin design studio


When a project requires specially developed material effects, or made-to-measure samples, we offer a “design package” completed by the Caroline Perrin design studio. The fee varies depending on the complexity of the project, the timeframe and the number of samples to be made. This fee is deducted from the total project cost.

More simple instances involve modifying a colour, changing an aspect of the finish, or reinterpreting an existing sample. In other cases, the client can let us unleash our imagination and find new, unexplored pathways. Our project briefs can sometimes be exacting, precise, and challenging. They can also be less decisive and in need of focus.

In all events, each case is an opportunity for exchange and a new source of inspiration and challenges.

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