Architecte : Patricia Grosdemange

An on-going story

The story begins in 2008 when we were decorating the Guerlain boutique in the rue Tronchet (Paris). We started by covering the sales area walls with a delicate, soft and powdery material that we created specially for the project. Refined anthracite-grey and pearly white stucco was used to decorate the VIP area, including walls, ceilings, sliding doors and furniture. The ceiling and shelving in the treatment cubicle were dressed with silver leaf, which gave éclat and shimmer to the place. Two central columns, remains of the old architecture, were transformed by the architect, Patricia Grosdemange: covered in graduated gold leaf applied over a textured finish (an effect we dubbed “golden memory”), with capitals decorated with staff plaster roses, they ended up being showcased like prize museum exhibits behind smoked glass.

Other stores followed suit: rue des Francs-Bourgeois, rue de Passy, rue de Sèvre, the Pop Up store in the Champs-Elysées, and the adventure continued recently with a new outlet that’s just opened its doors at the Cour des Senteurs in Versailles.

A certain idea of luxury

AC Matière always endeavours to support the architect’s concept. As Patricia wrote in her preface to the book “Breathtaking Materials” (authored by Caroline and published by Editions Vial): “The architect uses a palette of materials to craft an atmosphere that hints at the character of the place as well as its identity, influencing the behaviour of those who live there or who are simply passing through (…) The architect exploits both the visual spectrum of materials as well as their emotional charge. On this choice depends the result, and to transform volumes with matter is one of the most exciting phases in the creative process”.

While the primary goal was to showcase the products being sold, and to succeed in reflecting the brand’s visual identity in the decor, dialogue with our workshop is always with a single goal in mind: that of pooling our viewpoints, our know-how and our creativity to create truly unique materials. This why each store features exclusive materials of great delicacy, and refined discretion. The sense of detail and the care given to the finishes, imperceptible at a glance, testify to a concept of luxury shared by client and workshop.