A couple of collectors bought this stupendously situated villa on the French Riviera, where the waves almost wash up against the front door.

Once the heavy renovation work was over, the owners – as experienced aesthetes – wanted to take care of the interior decoration themselves, which is quite unusual for a project of this scope. After seeing work carried out by AC Matière when they visited a private apartment where we’d decorated the walls, they asked us to come up with ideas about beautifying their villa.

The prime concept involved bringing out the special features of the architecture, and enhancing its art deco flavour. Respecting the authentic character of the house was going to be essential. The goal of creating a refined, friendly and comfortable atmosphere in the spirit of a holiday home was also part of the brief.

The world of Jean-Michel Frank, the great decorator of the 30s and a fervent lover of the artistic crafts, naturally came to be our main source of inspiration. From this rich dialogue with our clients, particularly through the medium of drawings, sketches and reworked photos, some beautiful decoration concepts took shape. Together, we created materials and motifs that soon transformed the walls of this house into a discrete and elegant showcase for their art collection.